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Sub-health, need oxygen to improve the health status

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    Sub-health is new word, proposed by the international medical community in the second half of 1980s. It  refers to the feeling can have fatigue, poor appetite, which feature, such as symptoms, can come to the hospital but did not find any problem of a kind of physical condition between health and disease, also called on medicine "third state" or "incubation period".

    According to  a global  survey results of world health organization  is  show that the true health of people around the world only accounted for 5%, diagnosis of a sick person also accounts for only 20%, 75% of people in the sub-health state, especially after the middle-aged modern urbanite, because their body function in recession, poor living environment, and combined with life, work pressure is more and more big, the more easily into the sub-health state.  

The results of the study believe that for sub health crowd, interstitial oxygen, can promote the body metabolism level, enhance the body function, improve the sub-health state, thus preventing disease.

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